Readers of Daily Japanese Textile have already seen this wedding futon in an earlier posting.

Its purpose here today is to let readers know that there is an exhibition of tsutsugaki textiles like this one at the Musee Guimet in Paris. The last day of the exhibition is October 7, for those of you who can make the trip to see some 30 top examples of Japanese textile art. Hali, the wonderful textile magazine, has done a write-up of the exhibition. Click here for that.

The Musee Guimet has a video and slide show of several of the pieces, for those of us who will not make it to Paris in time. Click here for that. There is a grayed-out textile to the right of the video. Click on that to start viewing the slide show.

To see just a few of the tsutsugaki shown last year by Daily Japanese Textile, click here and here and here.