Futon cover
Double kasuri

This futon cover consists of four panels with two separate designs: a castle in weft kasuri, and a geometric design in double kasuri. The castles are all woven in the same direction, but the panels have been placed alternately right side up and upside down so the bedding has no right or wrong direction.

There is an extraordinary range of motifs in antique e kasuri, some of which are very rare. This castle design was very popular.

This style of kasuri is called Kurume kasuri (or Kurume gasuri), after the region in Kyushu (southern Japan) where it originated, as well as e kasuri (or e gasuri), meaning picture kasuri.

Above, a close up of the tomoe mon. The outer cross is in double kasuri; the crest is in weft kasuri. Below, a close up of the stylized pine trees in weft kasuri.

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