Girl’s Hanjuban (half-length underkimono), lining
Rinzu (figured) silk, chirimen silk, silk crepe, plain weave silk; kinran (paper-backed gold leaf)
Yuzen (hand painted paste resist, on sleeves), multiple shibori techniques (on lower panel of back and outlines of yuzen), itajimezome (board clamp resist, on upper panel of back)

The outside of this underkimono (below) is completely red and pink; the lining (above) is composed of several colorful fragments dyed with highly labor-intensive techniques. The chirimen collar is decorated with what appears to be a light dusting of gold powder. Each tiny glint of gold is achieved by wrapping a very fine thread of paper-backed gold leaf around as little as a single thread of silk and then tying it off.  Cloth remnants are often found in underkimono.