Scarf by Issey Miyake
Woven, stitched

Around the end of the ’80s, Issey Miyake produced a series of featherlight scarves in at least three colors: black, white and blue. Without reading the tag, the consumer would never imagine the scarf was made of horsehair. The black and white might be natural colors. It is interesting to guess whether the rich blue was dyed in natural indigo.

It is difficult for the untutored eye to determine the weave. More interesting still is that there are two identical layers to this airy weave. These are stitched together at the ends, but are also interwoven at points throughout (see the two layers separated, and interwoven point below). Miyake has always worked with Japan’s most innovative textile designers. This scarf is the work of his longtime collaborator, Makiko Minagawa. While Minagawa avoids the spotlight, her work commands it.