Infant’s light jacket(?)
Silk, silk padding

This garment references the legend of Momotaro, or Little Peach Boy, a child hero for all little boys to aspire to. Although traditionally identified by a banner featuring a peach, in this design Momotaro must be identified by his friends, the dog, the monkey and the pheasant. Even though this is only a print, the designer has put a lot of thought into the design, dressing the characters in samurai clothes (including a two-legged mortar), and marching them much the way samurai are depicted marching on screen paintings. Their faces are serious, as samurai faces would be.

In all this sobriety, the artist inserts humor in the form of an entire firefly on a human body. With none of the solemn dignity of his compatriots, he runs to catch up with the end of the parade, his huge eyes going in two directions at once.

The white oblong shapes are all ‘broken’ versions of the shippo, or seven treasures, design. Completed, there would be four, end to end, forming a circle.