‘Origami Scarf’
Heat transfer printing
manufactured by Nuno

Japan continues to be a top innovator in the textile industry. Early attempts at polyester manufacturing attempted – and failed – to mimic the qualities of traditional fibers. In time, however, manufacturers learned to take advantage of polyester’s unique qualities, including, as shown here, its ability to hold a shape.

This scarf, folded four times vertically, is then also folded diagonally multiple times. As seen in the top photo, one side has been dyed black with a heat transfer printing process. The dye penetrates unevenly, depending on the folds, the thickness of the material, and the finished edge. Above, when the material is partially fanned open, the differences in shading are not from shadows, but accurately reflect the various shades achieved by the dye process. When fully open, as below, the origami process sets the folds so strongly that the scarf retains its three dimensionality and needs assistance to stretch out flat.