Single repeat of 2 panel futonji fragment (bedding cover) with motif of gourd and horse
Weft kasuri (horse); double kasuri (geometric design)

The Japanese have an expression ‘hyotan kara koma’, meaning horses spring from gourds. This might be comparable to the English expression ‘wonders never cease’. The implication is one never knows what surprising, even seemingly impossible, things might happen. Gourds have an auspicious connotation in Japan, so the implied surprise would be a welcome one.   Note that the e-gasuri (picture kasuri) side is executed in weft shibori, while the geometric design is in both warp and weft kasuri.

On January 31, 2015 Daily Japanese Textile published a silk and shibori version of hyotan kara koma.  Click here to see that very different way of rendering the same concept.