Stenciled warps, hand tie-dyed wefts, supplementary wefts of silver wrapped thread

Plovers (chidori) are a popular motif in Japanese design. They are often depicted somewhat comically, and often shown flying in small flocks over waves, as here. On this kimono the water is implied by the whirlpools.

When this bolt of material was designed, all the plovers were stenciled right side up. Since traditionally no cuts are made at the shoulder when constructing the kimono, that would mean that the plovers on one side of the kimono would all be right side up, and all on the other would be upside down. In this case, all the upside down plovers are on the front.

All the plovers are decorated with silver wrapped thread. Earlier silver thread was often made of thinly cut paper-backed silver foil. This 20th century thread does not need the paper backing.