Child’s kimono
Asa, wool (ties); crepe silk (sleeve linings)
Double kasuri

This kimono depicts the so-called Eight Views of Omi. Omi – present day Lake Biwa – was famous for its sights, which were depicted by numerous artists, including Hiroshige. Not all of the eight views are visible on this kimono, and they appear in a kind of shorthand. The geese descending at Katata are visible, as is Mt. Hira. The bridge is the Seta Bridge, a pair of boats (represented by somewhat misshapen sails) indicate Yabase (the present day city of Kusatsu), and the castle is Zeze castle. Artists rendered the popular eight views without having necessarily seen them, so images vary from one artist to the next.

This was originally an adult’s kimono, retailored to fit a child.

Geese descending at Katata.

Zeze castle.

Seta bridge.

Mt. Hira.