Juban (underkimono)
Silk, synthetic (collar)

This very unusual juban seems to have been designed to evoke luxury. The ground color is emerald green, the silk is highly lustrous, the large shibori squares are gold (achieved with dye, not gold leaf), the small shibori dots are angled like diamonds, and are clustered to hang like diamonds in necklaces, or crystals in chandeliers.

The juban is worn under the kimono, and is only seen by a select few in the wearer’s circle of intimates. This design looks calculated to make an impression.

The juban is always worn with a han-eri, or half collar, in a contrasting color. In this pairing there is contrast on several levels. The silk of the juban conrasts with the novel early synthetic (nylon?); the juban’s soft, smooth, flat texture contrasts with the rough raised texture, and the modern design in the silk contrasts with the very traditional design of chrysanthemums in flowing water.