Obi (sash)
Silk, lacquered paper thread

Lacquered threads enjoyed some popularity in the 20th century. They seem to have been utilized more in haori, the short loose jackets worn over kimono, where they would have been less likely to be damaged by friction, weight, and repetitive motion.

The lacquered threads add a subtle luster to obi, different from the luster of silk. The wide threads provide a larger surface for the reflection of light.

This obi may not have been worn very much.  Most of the threads are in very good condition.  Above, the threads near the edge of the obi were probably damaged in the process of knotting the sash.

The end of the obi is marked by a line of lacquered red threads. In this small section the weave shifts to a satin weave, so more of the weft threads remain on the surface. This shows the lacquer to better effect, but would leave the threads more exposed to damage if done on a larger scale.