Novelty furoshiki (bundle carrier)
Polyester, cotton
Devore (?)

This novelty furoshiki, depicting the maneki neko, or cat beckoning good fortune, makes use of the heat setting quality of polyester fiber. Except for the central square panel, the rest of the furoshiki is divided into triangles, which are created when the cotton is voided out. The triangles create numerous folding possibilities, and the furoshiki has been designed to allow each different fold to create a new variation on the maneki neko. Below are just a few of the possible variations.

If you turn the folded furoshiki over, on the opposite side the maneki neko appears again, but this time flat and unfolded.

If you open all the folds with the maneki neko designs, a completely different design is revealed.

If you unfold all the creases, the entire design looks like this:

This close-up of the unprinted reverse shows the material where the cotton has been voided.

Daily Japanese Textile would like to thank Mizuka Nishimura for this extraordinarily clever furoshiki.

The “origami furoshiki” is manufactured by Cochae.