Boy’s padded juban (underkimono) with clouds and three-clawed dragons
Silk pongee, silk satin, waste silk padding
Stencil printed dyes

This vibrant design would originally have been a man’s juban, worn under something much more subdued. It has been retailored as a boy’s juban, as indicated by the remaining portion of the contrasting collar. This would have been worn for a special occasion, possibly for the Boys’ Festival or other local festival.

Above, a close-up of a sleeve, which has a contrasting black satin lining. The bottom few inches of both sleeves were lengthened by the skillful piecing together of remnants. The piecework is visible on closer inspection, but not disturbing to the eye.  The hemp stitching seen below is no longer used in modern times, and marks this as an older piece.

Below, the lining is probably safflower, and its vibrant blue border is probably chemically dyed.