Infant’s kimono
Cotton, red silk embroidery thread
Sashiko and chain stitch embroidery

A variety of traditional designs have been executed in sashiko (embroidery characterized by large running stitches, often used to stitch layers together) on this hand spun and hand woven infant’s robe.

Among the designs included are the auspicious seven treasures lozenge, the hemp leaf, lightning, waves, braided fences, and other traditional patterns.

Three designs that appear to be crests on the chest and back are actually talismans.

Kimono might have no crests, one crest (just below the back of the neck), three (below the back of the neck and on the back of each sleeve), or five (as before, plus two at the left and right chest), depending on the degree of formality. This little kimono does not adhere to those standards. Additionally, if they were crests, all three would be identical. These talismans depict plum, paulownia and chrysanthemum, and are stitched in red, for further protective value. They are also the only portions stitched with silk, underscoring their importance.