Tsumugi (raw silk) face; satin lining
Stenciled, hand painted (?)

This obi depicts plovers in a cloudy, moody sky. As is often done in Japanese textiles, the artist has made a design that can be viewed right side up or upside down, but unlike most such patterns, this one hinges on a central point of focus, the sun, which changes depending on viewpoint. From one direction, two plovers fly toward a sun that shines beneath clouds; from the opposite direction a single plover flies toward a sun that peeks out above the clouds. The plovers and the ring around the sun are stenciled; the clouds are all different, and appear to have been lightly brushed in by hand, possibly in sumi ink.

The horizontal stripes in the material are made by alternating several rows of fine wefts with several rows of thick wefts. The smooth satin lining minimizes friction to the kimono that will be worn underneath.