Boy’s patchwork kimono
Cotton, silk
Plain weave, herringbone, kasuri, print, velvet

Yesterday’s Daily Japanese Textile featured a simple patchwork bag. Today’s textile is a boy’s patchwork kimono consisting of more than 135 separate pieces of precisely cut and hand-stitched cloth fragments worked into a trompe l’oeil pattern. The design bears some resemblance to the so-called “himitsu bako” (secret boxes) of the Hakone region, which were decorated with intricate geometric marquetry using different varieties of wood.

This kimono is comprised primarily of striped fabric, which was less expensive than figured fabric as the design was made simply by alternating thread colors in warps and/or wefts when setting up the loom.

The maker of this kimono took odd scraps and unified them by juxtaposing and contrasting their patterns, transforming them into a small work of art.