Issey Miyake skirt with built-in tassels
Cotton (?)

Issey Miyake found two very powerful collaborators in weaving geniuses Junichi Arai and Makiko Minagawa. This particular skirt, the tassels of which seem to have been withdrawn from within the woven fabric, might have been done in collaboration with Arai.

In the above photo (shown on its side), a largish hole can be seen, with a tassel extending outward from it. In the case of the larger hole, the fibers appear to have been drawn from above, then pulled down and out. The fibers from the smaller hole appear to have been drawn from below then pulled up and out. Readers who know how this was accomplished (or would like to speculate) are welcome to write in.

The photo below is a close up of the very tightly twisted warp threads, where they have no wefts, and where the wefts have been added back in.

A variation of the skirt, below, as published in Issey Miyake by Laurence Benaim, part of the Universe of Fashion series.