Silk (?), paper-backed metallic thread
Tapestry weave

The repeat on this modernist obi is fairly small, but the designer disguises that by changing the colors three times in the largest element – the framed circle – and some of the smaller elements, so essentially a single repeat is comprised of three repeats in different colors. The first framed circle is coral, with a mustard colored ‘handle’.

The second frame is salmon-colored, with a dark golden ‘handle’.

The third is orange, with a ‘handle’ in metallic gold thread.

This close-up shows the intricacy of the weave.

A large portion of an obi goes unseen, so the designer leaves that portion unfigured. From a distance, it looks like this:

But a close-up photo shows that even the unseen portion has a luxurious touch to it, in the form of coiled silver metallic thread.