Silk, cotton (lining)
Stenciled warps, wefts (meisen)

This design resembles a series of designs made by the prolific and innovative artist/colorist Josef Albers in the 1930s. The concept seems to be that the base is composed of multiple elements with no angles, and over that is superimposed elements composed strictly of bisecting straight lines and angles. Each time the two overlap, a different color is introduced, for a total of six colors.

In this piece, the stencil design is so large that only two full repeats appear in a kimono over five feet long. The diagonals, and the odd angles (greater or smaller than 90 degrees) help to confuse the eye and disguise the repeat.

The right and left panels go in opposite directions, but have been sewn together in such a way that straight lines appear to continue from the left seam to the right seam, giving the work a sense of movement and continuity.

Below is Josef Albers’ Redondo.