Wall Hanging: “What’s In the Box?”, by Yukiko Echigo (2001)
Clamp resist (itajimezome)

Textile artist Yukiko Echigo took the age-old technique of clamp resist (a technique she likens to origami) and brought it into the 21st century.

Six shades of color, from dark blue to white, can be seen in the various squares, probably necessitating a complex system of stitching, clamping, dyeing, then partially unclamping and unstitching for the next round of dyeing, etc.

The artist herself was (understandably) secretive about the process.

The cotton cloth is machine woven and machine stitched, and about 56″ square.  In the photo above, light perforations from the stitching – removed after the dye process – can still be seen.