Figured silk
Hand painted

Although in modern times many kimonos are made of polyester, since that lowers their purchase price and facilitates machine washing, there continues to be a market for traditional handpainted silk kimonos.

One way to lower production costs is to repeat patterns. This kimono has repeats in the figured silk, but none in the handpainted design, either on the front or the back. Another sign of luxury in this piece is that the design goes across three panels. In back, the shoulder design goes across the right sleeve and two main panels. In front, the shoulder design goes across the left sleeve, main panel and collar. For all of these designs to match up, the outline of the design has to be painted while the panels are sewn together, unsewn so the painting can be completed, and then sewn together again.

The back of the kimono has an allover design, while in the front the design is concentrated on the left. This is because kimonos are closed left over right, so designs on the right would be covered or disrupted.