Photo album
Paper wefts, cotton warps, paper interior

This photo album has an accordion construction. Above are the front and back covers. Below is the open book.

The figures are renditions of Otsu-e (“Otsu pictures”), humorous souvenir pictures bought by tourists visiting Otsu in a tradition dating back hundreds of years. With time, the subjects of Otsu-e became somewhat standardized. Below is a demon dressed as a priest.

Below is the god of thunder, Raijin, trying to retrieve one of his fallen drums with an anchor.

Below is a blind musician lashing out at a barking dog. Also shown on the book cover are the Fuji Musume (Wisteria Maiden, a well known kabuki role), one of two possible samurai figures, and, with the very distended head, Fukurokujin, one of the seven gods of good fortune.

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