Yosegire dounuki (patchwork underlayer kimono)
Figured silk, chirimen silk, waste silk
Stenciling, board clamp resist, shibori, dyes and pigments

This dounuki is comprised of a number of quality textiles. Above, the light and dark pink tatewaku (undulating waves) with blossoms appear to be board clamp resist, possibly in safflower; the central shibori panel may also be safflower. Below, the white designs on the green panels at the sides are emphasized with white pigment.

The light purple asanoha (hemp leaf) panels (see below) appear to be real murasaki purple, also in board clamp resist. The small red strips to the left and right of the purple asanoha are likely also clamp resist.

The stenciled winged dragons in waterfalls at the sleeves are white with pink and gray pigments added.

The broad hem and sleeve openings, a somber monochrome charcoal gray from the distance, are Edo komon on barely discernible chevron-figured silk.

All of these patches were pieced together with a great deal of preplanning and consideration for color, direction and balance.