Silk, cotton (lining)
Stenciled warps and wefts (meisen)

Japanese artists were familiar with cubism. The kimono shown here depicts two still lifes in the collage style made famous by Picasso and Braque.

Particularly interesting is the cross hatching used by the artist to imply newspapers. In the photo above, three styles of cross hatching are used, to differentiate column widths and type faces. The artist has also copied the jagged edges characteristic of newspapers used in the Braque and Picasso collages. Below, a close up of the cross hatching. The red in the kimono indicates that it would have been worn by a young woman, and the design, which originates from a very avant garde art movement, has been adjusted to be brighter, friendlier, and easier for the average viewer to recognize.

In the Cubist collage below, Juan Gris has painted in the newspaper, with vague lines for newsprint.

In this Cubist collage by Picasso, actual newsprint serves as the fruit bowl, while another fragment of newspaper serves as a canvas on which to draw a wine glass.