Vest (sodenashi)
Silk, waste silk
Weaving, stenciling, other (?)

This vest was pieced together from leftover materials. It has a very light layer of waste silk padding between the outer and the lining to provide extra warmth.

The designs on the collar were made with an interesting process that may have involved separate stencils used in conjunction to form one pattern.

Interestingly, the collar is slightly longer on one side than the other, but all the stitch work is very careful.

The appearance of a kind of plaid comes from the use of two different varieties of silk. Yamamayu resists dye, so this vest appears to be red and white, or red and pink, but most likely the material was immersed in the dye bath after it was woven. A look at the fiber close up below also reveals that the yamamayu silk is untwisted, while the silk that absorbed the dye is highly twisted, resulting in the difference in the textures of the two.