Festival horse trapping (?)
Cotton (homespun)
Tsutsugaki – stenciled and free hand paste resist, dyes and pigments

This is probably a festival horse trapping. Most likely it was originally one of a matching pair, and the two would have adorned a horse’s left and right side. The three loops at the top, which appear to be later replacements, would have had a cord running through them. The character most likely reads “Yoshi”, the first half of a popular surname, so this was a form of advertising. The large ‘roof’ over the character is a design conceit often used in such pieces, and not part of the character. The red pigment so popular in tsutsugaki is most likely ground cinnabar. The flowers are the auspicious chysanthemum.

Above is the reverse, showing the backing. It has been heavily repaired, and in fact is a recycled remnant of another tsutsugaki piece. This remnant also features a name with a ‘roof’ design over it.