Man’s hanjuban (half length underkimono)
Cotton, silk
Stenciled (paste resist)

The body of this juban is made of stenciled cotton, with a design of various birds.

There are two shades of blue, which would have been accomplished by dyeing the material twice, and covering the lighter design elements so they would not take on extra dye.

In the photo above, the collar (left) has retained more of its original color, while the body (right) has suffered some color loss.

The sleeves are made of two completely separate materials. Above is highly twisted brown chirimen silk, under which a plain indigo lining can be seen.

Below, the second sleeve material is an unusual silk Edo komon remnant of foxes running in fields, their tails aloft. Foxes are often associated with tales of the supernatural, so it is interesting to speculate as to the original textile, and its wearer.