Woman’s yukata
Itajimezome (?) (folded/clamp resist)

This yukata appears to have been made with itajimezome, but there is an anomaly in the design that readers are invited to explain if possible.

In the next photo, there is a horizontal point above and below which all the designs mirror one another exactly. The designs are identical on the face and reverse, which seems to indicate that the material was folded at predetermined points and dyed using a stencil technique.

Below, turned on its side, is a full repeat of the design (taken from the front of the yukata), and part of another repeat. Double click for a magnified view. The two dark ovals, circled in white, mark the two ends of the single repeat. If the design elements are compared, moving one element at at time from the left and right ovals toward the center, each element on the left is matched by an element on the right. Then, as they approach the center, in the area circled in yellow, there are design elements that have no match. This would not happen if the length of material were only folded and dyed. The same anomaly appears in other repeats. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

Here is a fiber detail.