Maiwai (ceremonial fisherman’s coat)
Stenciled, paste resist

This coat would have been awarded to the crew members of a fishing boat that had exceeded its annual projected catch. Most of the red cuffs would have been in the lining of the coat. All of the warm cotton wadding has been removed, so it was no longer meant to be worn, but it was valued, and not merely discarded when it outlived its usefulness.

Above, in the banner in the crane’s beak, is the name of the fishing company, Mazuru Gyogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (Genuine Crane Fishing Company). Below, the central character tells us that Mazuru specialized in buri, or yellowtail, several of which are shown in the net. The other two proclaim “great catch”, standard on many maiwai.

The cotton is machine woven, and dates to the early 20th century.