Silk, cotton (lining)
Stenciled wefts (meisen)

The direct stenciling of chemical colors onto silk fibers developed over time into a very fine and precise technique. This bright and amusing kimono is an earlier piece, and lacks sophistication in technique.

Stenciling might done on warps only, on wefts only, and on warps and wefts. This kimono is stenciled only on its thick wefts. All the fine warp threads are black, and recede into the background.

As in previous examples of meisen and kasuri, no two repeats are exactly identical. Compare the heads of two of the birds, below.

In the above head, the wefts that make up the black outline of the bird’s head are fairly well aligned, with the exception of the eyeball, for a crisp picture. In the head below, the wefts have not been aligned to the same degree, resulting in a blurrier image.