Momohiki (trousers)
Sashiko, paste resist stenciling

This is a pair of well worn workman’s trousers.

As with many company-related clothes, these are stenciled with part of the company name. In this case, the single nearly illegible character shown is Mae. The full name is not on the pants, but it might have been, for example, Maeda, a very popular Japanese surname.  Formally written , it is interesting to see what liberties the designer took with the character to make a graphically arresting design while stuffing it into the diamond shaped frame, rather than the usual square frame used for characters.

Here, as shown in previous textiles, the design is rendered, right side up, upside down, and backward, so the material is more versatile, and has no single correct direction. Above, the leg, with densely stitched horizontal sashiko. Although the legs have insets to accommodate the thighs, the curve above seems to have been made by the wearer, and not by the cut of the trousers. Below, part of the hip, with well spaced diagonal sashiko.

This close-up of the inner front waist band, below, shows the unpatterned indigo lining, but also shows that the waist band seems to have been taken from a random remnant. Note the strip resisted white, which bears no relation to the other designs in the trousers.