Happi (jacket)
Cotton (homespun)
Tsutsugaki rice paste resist, stenciling; dyes and pigments

This happi seems to have been a fireman’s jacket, probably for festivals. Interestingly, the first letter in the crest is I, but if it is meant to signify the I Kumi mentioned in previous entries, it is written 伊, rather than い. The bottom character might be 組 (kumi); the middle character might be 大, or great. The diamond pattern shown here matches the I Kumi diamond pattern.

The stripe across the shoulders indicates that the wearer was someone of rank, and this is borne out by the collar, which reads kogashira, or subforeman.

From a distance, the diamonds appear to be identical, which would indicate stenciling.  The slight undulations in the sharp lines might indicate problems with the application of the paste resist or the removal of the stencil.