Katsugi (veil)? Yogi (sleeping coverlet)?
Katazome (stenciled rice paste resist)

This unusual piece has some of the characteristics of both a katsugi and a yogi. The neckline is slightly dropped, which would help a veil stay atop the head. On the other hand, katsugi often have discreet layers of horizontal designs, but this has a single all-over design.

Below, anchor threads, such as would have been used in a yogi to hold together the surface, lining and padding, can be seen. In many yogi, the padding and lining are eventually removed, and only the expensive surface layer is preserved. If this was a yogi, its padding and lining have been removed. Many yogi have a slim central panel to add extra width, but this does not.

Any readers who would like to offer suggestions as to the original purpose of this piece are encouraged to write in.

Most of the paste resist design was expertly applied, but in this small section it looks as though the stencil shifted and dragged some excess rice paste with it.

A carefully rewoven hole?