wedding futon cover with roundels Daily Japanese Textile IMG_7226

Wedding futon cover (four panels)
Tsutsugaki rice paste resist

This futon cover is covered with auspicious symbols in roundels – the tortoise and crane, the pine, plum and bamboo, the peony, the bunch of grapes, the paulownia, and the tabane noshi (tied seaweed, symbol of long life because noshi also means to extend) – making it appropriate for part of a wedding trousseau.

wedding futon cover with roundels crane, tortoise Daily Japanese Textile IMG_7213

For this futon cover, the artist (somewhat unusually) has made sure to fit each roundel on a single panel. Often designs cross from one panel to another, going over a seam in the process, and necessitating an extra stage in the work. Because there are no cross-overs in the designs here, each panel could be designed independently of the others. In theory, the artist could have made any number of panels like these. The purchaser could have chosen as many panels as wanted, and specified the order of placement too.

wedding futon cover with roundels fiber detail Daily Japanese Textile IMG_7227

It is interesting that the canny designer put the shochikubai (pine, bamboo, plum) and tsurukame (crane and tortoise) elements on the same panel, rather than on different panels, so the client was not forced to buy extra panels in order to complete those very basic auspicious motifs. It is also interesting that although each panel has three roundels, the artist placed them at uneven distances, even overlapping roundels on two panels, so there is a random, rather than rigid, look to the overall design.