Yoshiki Hishinuma flattened painted dress Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0987

Materials unlabeled; possibly mohair, synthetic fiber
Knit, randomly creased (heat set?), surface dyed(?)

Yoshiki Hishinuma’s work is characterized by innovations in textile technology. This dress may have begun as black mohair stripes interspersed with yellow synthetic fiber.

Yoshiki Hishinuma flattened painted dress detail Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0989

In two additional steps, it appears that the material was deliberately laid out to overlap in random areas, and that the overlapping was heat set into the design. Then the yellow stripes were overdyed with red, so that when the dress was filled out by the wearer, the formerly overlapping areas would open up to show their untouched yellow color, in a kind of resist dye process.

Yoshiki Hishinuma flattened painted dress fiber close up Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1002

The reverse side of the material is almost completely black, with touches of yellow.

Yoshiki Hishinuma flattened painted dress reverse side Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1011

In yet an additional innovative touch, the reverse side of the center front of the dress has been knitted to itself in several places in order to cause ruching there. To help demonstrate this, in the photo below, a green ribbon has been temporarily inserted in the cylinders formed by the sections that have been knitted together.

Yoshiki Hishinuma flattened painted dress knitted puckering Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1014

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