surrealist omeshi kimono Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1334

Silk, metallic treads
Yarn-dyed crepe (omeshi)

As previously noted, to inject novelty into the kimono industry, cutting edge designers took inspiration from western modern art themes. This kimono shows strong surrealist influence.

surrealist omeshi kimono - back detail - Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1342

The converging lines were a recurrent theme in the work of Salvador Dali. Lines that come out of nowhere, go nowhere, and have mysterious purposes, or no purpose, are consistent with surrealism.

surrealist omeshi kimono - converging lines - Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1348

The two coppery colors in this disc are accomplished with two different types of thread: metallic thread and copper-colored silk.

surrealist omeshi kimono - fiber close up - Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1352

Below, Dali’s drawing for Canto 14 of the Divine Comedy shows the convergent lines he often incorporated into his work.

Dali - drawing for Canto 14 - Divine Comedy

Below, Giacometti’s The Cage, showing the irregular and unidentifiable shapes characteristic of many surrealist works.

the cage giacometti

The last photo shows one of Moholy-Nagy’s Photograms, in which again odd shapes are juxtaposed without any particular meaning or symbolism.

moholy_nagy Photogram