green furoshiki with poem front Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0189

Stenciled paste resist

This small furoshiki is decorated with a poem that is very difficult to read. (Readers who can decipher the furoshiki are highly encouraged to write in.)

green furoshiki with poem crest Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0195

The furoshiki is green, a color which did not exist in Japan in a single natural dye. It was necessary to overdye, using blue and yellow. In the crest above, it is possible to see very small places where the two colors do not overlap, and blue and yellow are just barely visible.  (Double click for best results.)

green furoshiki with poem fiber close up ITOH Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0196

Below is the reverse side of the furoshiki. The poem is clearly visible, showing that the furoshiki was dyed and resisted on both sides.

green furoshiki with poem reverse Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0199