reversible sashiko hanten HIDA Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0013

Cotton (homespun)
Sashiko, stenciling

Like many of the firemen’s garments already shown here, this hanten is layered and sashiko-stitched, but it is not clearly labeled as belonging to any firemen’s group.

reversible sashiko hanten HI Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0014

In keeping with the bold graphic style of many happi and hanten, there is a single large crest at the center back and a design that encircles the hemline. In the crest is the character hi – 比 – and at the hem the character ta – 田 – is placed on an angle, disguising its practical purpose. The name Hida is not unusual in Japan.

reversible sashiko hanten TA Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0016

The jacket is completely reversible. When turned inside out, the design is completely different. The character at the top, 富, is probably read tomi.

reversible sashiko hanten TOMI Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0021

All three characters have been rendered with some artistic license. The left ‘foot’ of the word hi turns up to accommodate the circle; the ‘bracket’ at the top of tomi enfolds nearly the whole character. Craftsmen had reference books showing how to write characters in different styles. The design below tomi has been harder to identify.

reversible sashiko hanten fiber close up Daily Japanese Textile IMG_0026