Maiwai (Ceremonial fisherman’s coat)
Rice paste resist (tsutsugaki), stencils, hand painted

A maiwai very similar to this one is in the collection of the Honolulu Academy of Arts, and was published in Reiko Mochinaga Brandon’s excellent book, Country Textiles of Japan (1986, Weatherhill), in conjunction with an exhibition. Brandon’s text for the maiwai reads, in part:

The maiwai was a special ceremonial outer kimono, or jacket, that fishermen of the Boso Peninsula (south of Tokyo) wore to inaugurate the New Year or to celebrate a rich catch… [On this maiwai, three dancer-musicians celebrate a big catch by performing what is probably the Kashima Dance, an auspicious folk dance of the Kanto area… The central figure carries a large Shinto offering of paper in his right hand while he dances. A fan, in his left hand, has written on it in large red characters “Great Catch” (tairyo)…