Daily Japanese Textile was designed to introduce readers to some of Japan’s myriad textile traditions.  Many people have seen long distance pictures of women wearing kimono and men wearing hakama; many have seen photographs of members of the imperial family in ceremonial garb.  But textiles cover the breadth of human experience – from the cradle to the grave, from the bedroom to the boardroom – and are influenced by fashion, customs, politics, beliefs, geography, weather and technology.

Daily Japanese Textile is an attempt to show some of the many facets of Japanese material culture through fibers, weaves, dyes, patterns, colors and cuts of cloth, and to put them in a context of daily life.  The items shown here have been collected over a period of thirty years with the assistance of many knowledgeable people and much research.

The earliest items date to the 18th century; most date to the 19th and 20th centuries, and were painstakingly made partially or entirely by hand.  A very few date to the 21st century, the products of modern technological wizardry.

There is no particular order to the textiles.  They are as random as life can sometimes be.

Parts of this collection have been displayed in public exhibitions and published in scholarly journals.  Daily Japanese Textile welcomes inquiries from organizations or individuals interested in exhibiting or purchasing the collection.

One textile will be posted every day for 2017.

We hope you will enjoy Daily Japanese Textile.

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